Il Mondo D’Italia


Il Mondo D'Italia View more details Il Mondo D’Italia is a personal collection of black and white photographs taken in Italy over the last 17 years on both the Leica M6 and the Mamiya 645 cameras.

Western Desert


Western Desert View more details This portfolio of black and white work on the Western Desert in Egypt, was taken in 2001, and depicts an almost lunar landscape of desert dunes, weather worn rocks and dark stones. Part of this desert is [...]

King’s College Cambridge 2010


King’s College Cambridge 2010 View more details The photographs for A Book of King’s was commissioned by Third Millennium Information Publishers for publication in 2010. Eleanor’s commission was to capture “where the College (King’s College) met the city (Cambridge) and where the [...]

St George’s Chapel 2005-2007


St George's Chapel View more details The photographs of St George’s Chapel were taken between 2005 -2007 for the book St George’s Chapel, A Portrait (published by Giles Ltd in 2008). Unprecedented access was given to Eleanor to photograph the daily life [...]

Platinum, palladium etc


Platinum, palladium etc View more details This portfolio contains prints made using traditional photographic printing processes printed by Eleanor in 2013. The platinum print is an exquisite print. It is one of the oldest, rarest, most refined of all black and white [...]

Love is talent


Love is talent View more details This set of colour photographs was inspired by  Carol Ann Duffy’s poem Love,  as featured in the volume Rapture. The poem was discovered shortly after Eleanor’s older brother’s untimely death in March 2012 and has resonated with her deeply [...]